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Capital Campaign Summary

The Buckeye Council, Boy Scouts of America, conducts educational outdoor programs designed to challenge and hold the interest of youth and adults at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation. Seven Ranges is located 45 miles east of Canton, Ohio, and offers during its seven-week camping program a wide variety of outdoor educational experiences. The Reservation was acquired with monies raised in 1983 in an initial capital campaign.

History and Purpose:

The Congress of the United States of America presented The Boy Scouts of America its first charter on February 10, 1910, for charitable and educational purposes. The purpose of Scouting is to provide youth with learning opportunities of character development, leadership training, service to others, achieving specific goals, and learning about the outdoors; all based upon the values found in the Scout Oath and Law.

In the early years of Scouting, between the years of 1910 and 1915, a program called the Boy Scouts was introduced to the young people of northeast Ohio. Scouting became synonymous with camping, hiking, and outdoor fun and adventure using the outdoors as its laboratory to teach personal responsibility, citizenship, character development, achievement and service.

From 1910 through 1970, Scouting programs in Stark, Wayne, Holmes, Carroll, Tuscarawas and Columbiana Counties coalesced into what we now know as the Buckeye Council, Boy Scouts of America serving annually over 10,000 youth in 323 Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Explorer Posts and Venture Crews across six northeast Ohio counties.

The Buckeye Council operates a 980-acre seven-week summer camp at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation in Carroll County, Ohio, where 5,200+ Scouts and leaders tent camp in 33 tent sites. During the year, over 10,000 Scouts and leaders participate in weekend camping events and activities.


In 1983 the Buckeye Council raised $6,000,000 to build Seven Ranges Scout Reservation. Camping began on the property in 1986. The camp was designed to camp 300 Scouts and leaders weekly. There were no year-round program centers constructed. Over the past 25 years, Seven Ranges Scout Reservation has seen its earliest expectation exceeded in both numbers of Scouts and leaders using the facility; today weekly attendance exceeds 750 Scouts and leaders.

Because of this growth and changes in Scouting programs functionally, demographically, programmatically and fiscally the Buckeye Council must address these issues to up date and improve Seven Ranges Scout Reservation.


The Board of Directors consisting of 53 individuals representing the six county area of the council with deliberate study and forethought has launched a capital campaign to strengthen the Scouting program as follows:

A. Build a new year-round Cub Scout Resident Camp  
B. Add year-round program centers at Boy Scout Camp  
C. Build a Venturing Complex  
D. Update and renovate Scout Service Center  

Through individuals, foundations and trusts, corporations and businesses throughout the six-county Council footprint consisting of Stark, Wayne, Holmes Tuscarawas, Carroll and Columbiana counties, the Buckeye Council has established its campaign goal for respective counties based upon the percentage of Scout Membership in each county as follows:

Total 2010 Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts & Venturer Membership: 8,485
Stark County: 5,009 Scouts for 61% for a Capital Campaign Goal of
Wayne & Holmes Counties: 1,119 Scouts or 13% for a capital Campaign Goal of
Tuscarawas & Carroll Counties: 1,000 Scouts or 11% for a Capital Campaign Goal of
Columbiana County: 1,357 Scouts or 15% for a capital Campaign Goal of

The following information is provided for your review concerning the functional, demographic, programmatic and fiscal issues that that this capital campaign addresses to strengthen the Scouting program in the Buckeye Council.

Seven Ranges Scout Reservation:
A. Functionally:
  1. With in the 980-acres on Seven Ranges Scout Reservation three separate, age appropriate camp facilities will provide educational fun filled activities and adventure for Cub Scouts ages 6-10, Boy Scouts ages 11-18, and Venturers ages 14-21.
  2. Centralized staff housing, centralized food preparation, multi-program capability facility usage, efficiency of fiscal operations, and effectiveness of program capabilities to serve Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts Explorers and Venturers will dramatically increase the functionality of Seven Ranges.
  3. Infrastructure of roads, utilities, and water and sewage lines will be constructed to provide for today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s growth.
B. Demographically:
  1. Seven Ranges Scout Reservation is operating at capacity with expected demand to continue in to the future:
    202 Boy Scout Troops attended Seven Ranges Scout Reservation during the 2011 session with 2,885 Scouts and 1,386 Scout leaders for a 15% increase in Scout Troops and a 7% increase in Boy Scouts.
  2. Since 1978, women are serving as Scout Leaders and the summer camp staff is co-ed requiring changes to all program facilities.
    Out of 3,300 registered adults in the Buckeye Council, 1,253 are women registered as Scout leaders for Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and Venturing.
  3. Cub Scout camping programs and high adventure activities have created demand for a Cub Scout Resident Camp and a new Venturing Program Complex.
    Resident camping for Cub Scouts and their families will provide enhanced camping and program opportunities for 5,400 Cub Scouts and their families.
    Venturing, the co-ed program for girls and boys based upon high adventure activities, has no year-round program facility with climbing walls, rappelling towers, zip lines or high C.O.P.E. courses with wilderness camping experiences for 783 Venturers and Explorers.
C. Programmatically:
  1. When Seven Ranges Scout Reservation was built, no program facilities were built that accommodated year-round camping:
    At the close of the seven-week Boy Scout summer camp period, all program supplies, tents and camping equipment is stored until the next summer. There are no rental facilities with program equipment available during the months of August through May for Scout Troops to use at the waterfront, the shooting sports area, the ecology and conservation area or handicraft area. Four year-round rentable program facilities are proposed to be built.
    1. An Ecology/Conservation Program Center
    2. A shooting Sports Program Center
    3. An Aquatic Program Center
    4. A Handicraft Program Center
  2. The Cub Scouting program has changed dramatically with the impact of camping on American families. The Buckeye Council has 5,400 Cub Scouts or 62% of its membership is in Cub Scouting. Today the Council’s Webelos Resident Camp for 9-10 year-old Webelos Cub Scouts is operating at capacity with its fourteen three-day sessions hosting 936 Webelos and leaders. However, there is no resident 3-day camping program facilities for 3,700 6-8 year-old Cub Scouts and their families.
    With the Pirate Ship, Castle, Frontier Fort, Indian or Tree House Villages, Cub Scouts will experience 3-day themed activity programs dealing with Knights of the Roundtable, Indian crafts and lore, Robinson Caruso, and Pirates of the Caribbean.
  3. All proposed year-round rentable program facilities in both the Cub Scout Resident Camp and the Boy Scout Camp will have parking for 10 cars, restrooms/showers, common area, 12 male/female, and 32 youth male/female sleeping areas, mini-commercial kitchen, program storage areas, outdoor cooking and program area.
D. Fiscally:
  1. During 2010, 52% of Council revenue came from camping and activities. The Council must maintain and enhance this revenue stream by having available year-round rentable program facilities for Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Explorer Posts and Venture Crews.
  2. The Buckeye Council is very aware that with new program facilities comes the responsibility for maintenance and upkeep. Several avenues of providing necessary funds for maintenance have been established:
    1. Beginning in 2012, each camper will have a portion of the camp fee dedicated to the maintenance of camping facilities.
    2. Within the Buckeye Council Endowment there is an “Adventure Emphasis Fund” dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of Council camps and properties.
    3. Contracts with Chesapeake Energy and Dominion East Ohio Gas for the purchase of water and right-of-way leases for a gas line are producing revenues that will be used for maintenance and upkeep of camping program facilities.
  3. With additional program facilities, increased operational cost for summer program personnel and year-round personal is expected:
    1. An OPERATIONAL PERFORMA has been established reflecting the projected operational income and expenses of program facilities as they come on line over time. (It is available upon request)
    2. Continued minimum annual increases in camp fees and the number of campers projected using the proposed program facilities indicate that operational expenses can be met on a year-round basis with a positive net operating cash flow to the Council.
  4. The Buckeye Council has balanced its annual operating budget for the past four years with a small net operating balance for each year.